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“So I will turn toward you and make you fruitful and multiply you, and I will confirm my covenant with you.”
~Leviticus 26:9


Since the days of Rev. David Pfleiderer, and in reality, throughout the 100-year-long history of NSPC, the mission of this community of faith has been to “Build the Covenant Family.” We’ve spent some time this past year thinking about our history and discerning exactly what being a Covenant Family means. In our first Wisdom Circle of the Interim time (Oct. 2021), we explored the idea of Covenant Family further and found that being a Covenant Family means fellowship, hanging together in good times and in bad, being present for one another, and welcoming and embracing each other as beloved children of God. Being a Covenant Family is an excellent reflection of the love expressed by God in scripture and in the Spirit. It is a reflection of our call as disciples of Christ.


This year, our 101st year in ministry, we’re focusing our mission toward “Re-Building the Covenant Family.” In a practical sense, we’re rebuilding from the disruption of a pandemic and adjustments to life, leadership, and ministerial changes. But, we’re also re-building our spiritual connections to one another and to God. Re-building the Covenant Family is this year’s Stewardship theme as we begin to create a culture of wide generosity that invests in the lives and spiritual health of an ever-growing Covenant Family- Growth that is anticipated to include new pastoral leadership in the coming year.


In preparation for the exciting re-building to come, and indeed in thanksgiving for the re-building already happening in the congregation, please consider pledging yourself- your time, talents, and treasure- to the wonder-full work at hand, remembering first that you yourself are a beloved child of God and a beloved member of the Covenant Family. You have a place here!


Below you will see a link for the 2023 pledge form. We’ll dedicate our pledges in worship on Sunday, November 6th.


Our online giving portal offers you the ability to support our ministry anywhere. You can choose to make a one-time gift or set up your recurring giving right through this easy to use portal.

To make a one time gift, to setup an

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If you have any questions please contact the church office at 414-332- 8130 



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